Physicians managing HIV infection individuals for more than Two Decade have one dream: to be able one day to prescribe their people a guaranteed HIV cure. Regardless of important advances towards this cure, they are encountering major issues outside the scientific field: hypocrisy, greed, lobbying, spoiling of cash as well as political pretense. A change of heart and also techniques is needed prior to a scientific prepare for a remedy can do well.


While antiretroviral therapy has actually significantly enhanced life span in HIV-infected individuals that have accessibility to it, it does not remove the infection from the body. HIV continues to be surprise in some cells, the 'HIV storage tanks', situated in different structural compartments. Discovering a definite HIV infection remedy indicates a far better understanding of the systems keeping these storage tanks. It also requires development, dedication as well as sychronisation.


There are scientists around the world who continuously fight for a world devoid of HIV/AIDS and also launch brand-new efforts.


Given that 2003, there is the 'International Workshop on HIV Persistence, Reservoirs & Elimination Methods' that welcomes every two-year the 200 top quality researchers actively involved in HIV storage tanks research study. Additionally referred as the 'Saint Martin Workshop', the conference is identified as the authority workshop in the field by researchers and also clinical journals. The next edition is set up December 6-9, 2011.


There is additionally the 'International Seminar on HIV & Emerging Infectious Conditions (ISHEID)' to be kept in Marseilles, France, May 23-25, 2012, with a primary subject: 'Searching for a HIV remedy'. Compared with the workshop, the ISHEID is dedicated to a more comprehensive clinical audience.


Finally, to advertise continual scientific conversations in between specialists servicing HIV reservoirs, a team of scientists launched last drop an internet website for the 'Research Study Neighborhood on HIV Reservoirs and Eradication Methods", which is definitely a success, with a lot of links and also exchanges.


Doctor handling HIV-infected individuals as well as researchers can not avoid being lobbyist. Because, besides the scientific troubles for achieving a HIV cure they are encountering, far more hurdles exist, which are better to politics than to science.


The present reality is that main agencies spend ludicrous funds in HIV cure research; drug business favor to greatly buy the marketing of their juicy antiretroviral drugs to satisfy their investors and also have temporary benefits, and exclusive foundations primarily flourish to be in the forefront of the media, without any other aim that their working budget plan.


There is a worldwide state of mind to change, if we do not wish to be responsible for more fatalities from HIV/AIDS.

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